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Management & Business Economics

The MBE major responds to the growing demands and needs of the modern business world. The major provides rigorous analytical and quantitative training from a blend of business and economics fields. Today’s managers tackle issues that involve a number of management functions and do not always fit neatly into subject areas. The UC Merced approach is to integrate key ideas and approaches from across subject areas to evaluate and understand all the dimensions of a given issue. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are emphasized, preparing majors for a broad range of management-related careers. The major particularly reflects the demands of private- and public-sector organizations for employees who are trained in analytical and quantitative decision-making, who work effectively in teams and on projects, who are comfortable in various cultures, who are "well rounded" in sciences and humanities, and who have become self-directed learners.

The MBE curriculum provides a strong foundation in analysis and problem solving across a spectrum of management activities and promotes reasoning skills and critical analysis required in a modern, volatile business environment. The theoretical underpinning for the undergraduate program comes from business economics and management disciplines that use tools and techniques based on applied mathematics and statistics to solve problems in virtually all areas of business operations. The typical undergraduate student develops skills to build quantitative models of complex operations in competitive and in imperfect markets and will be able to use these models to facilitate decision-making. 

The MBE major involves a suite of core courses in micro and macro-economic principles, accounting, finance, marketing, and quantitative methods (both statistics and econometrics), as well as electives from a large menu of business and economics classes, including Investments, Economics of Regulation, Industrial Organization, Organizational Strategy, Intermediate and Advanced Accounting, Business Law, International Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Global Markets.

Management & Business Economics, B.S. Requirements

The MBE minor at UC Merced provides an opportunity for students who are majoring in another field, such as the sciences or engineering, to learn the fundamental analytical and quantitative tools necessary for management decision-making. Students receive analytical and quantitative training from a blend of fields, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and strategy. In Fall 2019, the MBE minor enrolled 65 students.

MBE Minor Requirements