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Gallo School Initiative

Gallo School Pre-Proposal

Divisional Council: Campus Update on the Proposal and Process for the Future Gallo School of Management (April 18, 2023)

CCGA Courtesy Review of Gallo School: Report and Recommendation | Reviewer 1 Comments | Reviewer 2 Comments (February 15, 2023)

Senate Comments on Gallo School Pre-proposal | EVC/Provost Acknowledgement (August 16-17, 2022)

Cover Letter | Final Revised Gallo School Pre-proposalResponse to Campus Comments (March 1, 2022)

Draft Revised Gallo School Pre-proposal | Draft Response to Campus Comments (Feb 15, 2022)

Gallo School Preliminary Review  - Provost's LetterSenate Reviews | Administration Reviews (Feb 5, 2021)

Cover Letter | Gallo School Pre-Proposal (June 1, 2020)


Future Academic Programs

Data Science and Analytics, B.A.

Data Science and Analytics B.A. Major Approved (May 2023)

Data Science and Analytics Proposal (Jan 2023)

Master of Data Science and Analytics

Revised Master of Data Science and Analytics Proposal | Cover and Response to Comments Letter (Sept 2022)

Proposed Master of Data Science and Analytics - Proposal (submitted to GC on Oct 13, 2020)  |  Cover Letter

GC Review of MDSA Proposal (Nov 24, 2020)

Proposed Master of Data Science and Analytics - Proposal (revision submitted to GC on Dec 14, 2020)  |  Cover letter  |  Dean's Letter

Divisional Council Reviews of MDSA Proposal (April 6, 2021)


Frequently Asked Questions

Gallo School Pre-proposal Talking Points (March, 2022)

Clarifications on the plan and process for the future Gallo School of Management (November 19, 2021)

Preliminary Notes on Gallo School Review (May, 2021)

FAQ about the Gallo School Pre-proposal (November, 2020)


Meetings and Presentations

Meeting Agenda | Meeting Slides (February 10, 2023)

Meeting Agenda | Meeting Slides | Brainstorming  (October 22, 2021)

Meeting Agenda  |  Zoom Recording (November 5, 2020)

Meeting Agenda | Meeting Slides | Zoom Recording (August 25, 2020)

Gallo School Presentation (February, 2020)


University Guidance/Policy on Establishment of New Schools

University of California Compendium

UC Merced Policy for the Establishment of Schools/Colleges



Department of Political Science joins the Gallo School Inititaive (2021)

Original Gallo School Initiative | Academic Vision | Background and Timeline (2018)