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Gallo School Core Planning Team/Executive Committee Materials

AY 2021-22 Membership
Aug 25 Meeting Agenda  -  Aug 25 Meeting Minutes
Sept 15 Meeting Agenda  -  Sept 15 Meeting Minutes
Oct 13 Meeting Agenda  -  Oct 13 Meeting Minutes

AY 2020-21 Membership
July 7 Meeting Agenda - July 7 Meeting Minutes
Aug 11 Meeting Agenda - Aug 11 Meeting Minutes
Sept 3 Meeting Agenda - Sept 3 Meeting Minutes
Oct 7 Meeting Agenda - Oct 7 Meeting Minutes
Oct 15 Meeting Summary
Nov 17 Meeting Summary
Dec 16 Meeting Summary
Feb 4 Meeting Summary
Feb 18 Meeting Summary
Mar 4 Meeting Summary
April 1 Meeting Summary
April 29 Meeting Summary
May 12 Meeting Summary

AY 2019-20 Membership
Oct 9 Meeting Agenda - Oct 9 Meeting Minutes
Nov 13 Meeting Agenda -  Nov 13 Meeting Minutes
Dec 19 Meeting Agenda -  Dec 19 Meeting Minutes
Jan 23 Meeting Agenda -  Jan 23 Meeting Minutes
Feb 6 Meeting Agenda - Feb 6 Meeting Minutes
Feb 20 Meeting Agenda - Feb 20 Meeting Minutes
Mar 5 Meeting Agenda - Mar 5 Meeting Minutes
Mar 19 Meeting Summary
April 16 Meeting Summary


Gallo School Academic Planning

Proposed Gallo School "Phase III" Plan
Proposed Gallo School "Phase II" Plan, Part I
Proposed Gallo School "Phase I" Aspirational Goals
Campus Academic Planning Information


Academic Personnel

Merced Academic Policies and Procedures (MAPP)
APM 015 - Faculty Code of Conduct 
APM 210 - Appointment and Promotion - Review and Appraisal Committees
APM 220 - Appointment and Promotion - Professor Series
APM-245 - Duties of the Department Chair 
UC Merced Policy on Abusive Conduct and Acts of Violence by University Employees and Non-Affiliates
Academic Personnel Guidance re COVID-19
Senate Conflict of Interest Policies
SoE ExComm Conflict of Interest Policy


Campus Events for New and Early Career Faculty

New Faculty Orientation
On the Path to Success
On the Path to Tenure



Management Program Letter Head


Procurement and Travel

CBS2  |  BobcatBuy

Oracle Toolkit
UC Merced Business Card Form  |  Business Cards How To 

Campus & School Services (PDF)

Facilities and Parking

Facilities Management
EMS Room Reservation Request  | EMS Room Reservation Guide  |  EMS Room Reservation Guide (2) 
Transportation and Parking Services  |  Parking Permits  |  Directions  |  Campus Map


Information Technology

Office of Information Technology  |  Faculty Website Hosting