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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Our vision for how the proposed Gallo School will advance UC’s goals for diversity, equity and inclusion includes (a) recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty – creating an environment of inclusiveness in hiring, mentoring, and evaluation; (b) recruitment and retention of underrepresented students – mentoring, building curriculum aligned with social and environmental justice, and funding support; (c) building curriculum where social and environmental justice are deeply integrated into the very fabric of the program, and (d) because diversity is not just about representation but also about influence, we will ensure faculty from underrepresented groups have opportunities to assume leadership roles and are able to make decisions about the direction of the School’s programs.

To achieve this vision, our five-year plan includes:

Recruitment. (a) Establish new positions that have an emphasis on social transformation, social equity, political ecology, and environmental and climate justice – fields that recognize the often disproportionate impacts in low income communities and communities of color and have an analysis for understanding and addressing these inequities. (b) Leverage the networks of our diverse faculty to recruit colleagues with diverse perspectives. (c) Send out job listings to listservs and faculty in institutions that serve diverse populations.

Advancement. (a) Support faculty tenure and promotion through workshops and mentoring. (b) Ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion are always in merit and promotion reviews (per APM 210), whether related to teaching, research, mentorship, or outreach.

Leadership. Increase the number of underrepresented faculty in leadership roles by providing mentoring and opportunities for leadership across all ranks.

Curriculum. Building curricula that reflect all viewpoints, including the values of underrepresented minority students, and recruiting and retaining faculty that reflect their backgrounds will facilitate the recruiting and retention of students from diverse backgrounds, building the foundation that will promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Outreach. Establish a high-profile annual lecture on issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, followed by a reception that will bring together students, researchers, and faculty from across campus.