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Fall 2021

PhD student Desert Weeks (MIST) was awarded CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program [UC Merced Newsroom]. 

PhD student, Ben Falandays (CIS) was awarded the Marr Prize [UC Merced Newsroom].

Incoming Grad Student, Tevin Williams (CIS) Awarded Inaugural Inclusive Excellence Fellowship [UC Merced Newsroom]

Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Professor Teenie Matlock (CIS) along with Professors Lace Padilla (CIS) and Spencer Castro (MCS)

honor Indigenous Peoples Day and Native American Heritage Month [UC Merced Newsroom]





Professor Paul Smaldino (CIS) featured on article regarding human evolution []




Professors Colin Holbrook and Ramesh Balsubramaniam (CIS) published paper on their research on sympathy people have for one another [UC Merced Newsroom]





Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Professor Teenie Matlock (CIS) was interviewed on Metaphorical Understanding of Breast Cancer [USA Today]




Professor Carolyn Dicey Jennings (CIS) published a new textbook, Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience and will be available January 2022.




Professor Dan Hicks (CIS) Publishes Paper on Open Science and Environmental Public Health [Taylor & Francis Online]




Professor Tyler Marghetis (CIS) was interviewed to discuss his research on regimes and ruptures across timescales [Complexity Simple Cast]




Professor Catherine Keske (MCS) wrote an article discussing cancel university culture [Merced Sun-Star].   Her publication mentioned in UC Merced Newsroom shows Central Valley ripe for biochar studies.




Professor Tracey Osborne (MCS) featured in articles discussing new UC Center for Climate Justice [Daily Bruin and UC Merced Newsroom].




Professor Roger Bales (MCS) featured in news story regarding California drought []




Professor Russ McBride (MCS) featured in article discussing business start ups in 2021.[Wallethub]. He was also interviewed by AMR Origins Series on the Structure of Social Reality [AMR]                 




Open letter from Professors LeRoy Westerling and Crystal Kolden (MCS) voicing concerns over new US Forest Service directives. [UNM Newsroom]                                                                                                                             




Professor Crystal Kolden (MCS) was featured many times in news about wildfire and climate change [People, The Verge, WAMU, KQED, WWNO, NPR, SF Gate].

Professor Crystal Kolden, is also recipient of Prestigious Biennial Grant Program which includes Funding for Ag-labor and Wildfire Research [UC Merced Newsroom] .



Professor John Abatzoglou (MCS) published article, was interviewed and featured in various media outlets discussing wildfire, drought and climate change

Aljazeera, Salon, Sierra Sun Times,, The Madison Leader Gazette, YouTube-CBS This Morning, ,Mashable,Sierra Sun Times, The Conversation, The New York Times]                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Summer 2021

Professor Crystal Kolden (MCS)  featrued in  Washington Post, discusses California Drought and very concerning Fire Season.                                                                  



Spring 2021


Founding UC Merced Foundation Trustee Bob Gallo was recently announced as the
university’s first trustee emeritus. UC Merced News



Teenie Matlock (CIS) received the 2021 Athena Award for Academic Leadership. UC Merced News 




Master of Management graduates Ruben Lemus and Bianca Garibay
share their stories of success.  UC Merced News, Merced Sunstar 



Jeff Butler's (EBM) 2019 study on incentives for whistleblowers was
discussed in a recent WSJ story



Crystal Kolden (MCS) received a Mulitcampus Research Programs and
Initiative (MRPI) Award.  UC Merced News 



Ketki Sheth (EBM) was featured in several news stories for her recent study published
in Management Science.  UC Merced News,, Valley Public Radio 



Crystal Kolden, John Abatzoglou, Roger Bales and Tracey Osborne (MCS) were
featured many times in news about wildfire and climate change.
The Guardian, UC Merced News,, The Guardian, BBC,
Sierra Sun Times, Eco Watch, UC Merced News 



Tracey Osborne (MCS) and Teenie Matlock (CIS) were featured in
a recent UC Merced story on Female Faculty to Know.


Fall 2020

See recent wildfire news coverage featuring MCS faculty:
     John Abatzoglou on Daily Republic 
     Crystal Kolden on CapRadio, The Guardian, Bloomberg, CBC Canada
     LeRoy Westerling on ABC7, AZ Daily Sun, MIT Technology Review, Siliconeer



Colin Holbrook (CIS) was recently awarded a three-year grant by the Air Force Office of Scientific
Research titled, "Trust in Machine Agents Under Realistic Threat". This human-robot interaction
research will be conducted at UC Merced in collaboration with co-PI Alan Wagner at Penn State.



LeRoy Westerling (MCS) was named an honoree in this year's WIRED25 that celebrates 25  
innovators who are using technology to lead society through this period of global uncertainty
and pointing the way to a safer future. 



Andrew Johnston (EBM) articulated the long-term impact of the pandemic unemployment
payments on taxes and society in a recent WSJ article



Tracey Osborne's (MCS) work that focuses on complex, grand challenges in climate and social
justice was recently featured in an article on UC Merced News. 



Andrew Johnston (EBM) recently co-authored a "Policy Brief" through Stanford University on 
unemployment during the pandemic & budget shortfalls at the state & local level. 


Summer 2020

Catherine Keske (MCS) received an Engineering Research Center (ERC) grant entitled,
"NSF ERC for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture (IoT4Ag)". 




John Abatzoglou (MCS) was featured in a recent LA Times article, "California megadrought? 
Not if you look at precipitation". 



Lace Padilla (CIS) was one of the six faculty members interviewed how and why they teach  
data visualization by Nightingale, the Journal of the Data Visualization Society. 


Spring 2020


John Abatzoglou's (MCS) research on agricultural risks from changing snowmelt was featured in an
article on UC Merced News. 



Greg Wright (EBM) discussed COVID-19's effect on the economy in a Q&A article on UC Merced News. 




Michael Spivey (CIS) published Who You Are: The Science of Connectedness (MIT Press). 





Carolyn Dicey Jennings (CIS) published The Attending Mind (Cambridge University Press).