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The Division of Management and Information at UC Merced precedes the proposed Ernest & Julio Gallo School of Management, which if approved will combine the Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences, the Department of Management and Business Economics, the Department of Management of Complex Systems, and the Department of Political Science to focus on the complexity of real-world problems and systems; the need to gather and analyze data and information in real time; behavior, governance, and management of individuals, firms, institutions, and economies; and sustainability of coupled human-natural systems.

Conceived not as a traditional management school but as a management school for the future, the goal is to develop a distinctive, unique, and valuable school in the Central Valley through cross-disciplinary education and research - combining innovation and tradition with theory and practice to become something distinctive and truly worthy of the Gallo name and the University of California.

With broad participation from stakeholders across campus and help of industry leaders and others across the state, we are at the start of a multi-year process of review and refinement, in which campus and system-wide faculty and administrators consider the proposal. If ultimately approved by the UC Regents, the Gallo school would become the campus’s first named school. 

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