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Political Science

The Political Science program offers quantitatively focused training in two broad areas: Political Cognition & Behavior (CAB) and Political Institutions & Political Economy (PIPE). The program is research intensive, innovative, and tailored to students’ individual interest within the field of Political Science. Students are admitted to the Political Science Program to work toward a Ph.D. degree.

The program offers a unique graduate experience. First, graduate training is grounded on a student’s access to and engagement with faculty. The small size of the program guarantees that seminar classes will be small and students will have unparalleled one-on-one faculty mentoring with respect to research, training and professional development. Second, early graduate education will not be limited to the traditional classroom setting. After the first year, students begin to apply and sharpen research skills by directly working with faculty in a required research practicum. Third, by eliminating traditional subfield boundaries, the program allows students to ask and answer cutting-edge questions that would be stifled by traditional subfield divisions. The lack of subfield barriers also encourages interdisciplinary research and allows students to interact with a mix of cognitive scientists, economists, psychologists, philosophers, and sociologists during their training. Our program is a particularly good fit for students with research interests that span traditional disciplinary boundaries, such as political psychology or political economy.

Political Science, Ph.D. Requirement